Rayovac AA Batteries, Alkaline Double A Batteries (60 Battery Count)




These AA Alkaline Batteries are ideal for high use devices including toys, flashlights, remotes and more. Plus, they’re designed to prevent damaging battery leaks and tested twice prior to shipment to ensure reliability. These Double A batteries contain power rings for consistent performance and a max capacity can for safely containing and delivering maximum power. Rayovac High Energy AA Alkaline Batteries are long lasting, guaranteed – plain and simple or your money back*. *Money Back Performance Guarantee: Visit www.RAYOVAC.com/MBG for detailsAA Batteries, 60 Pack of High Energy Alkaline Batteries
Ideal for High Use AA Battery Devices – Toys, Flashlights, Remotes & More
Designed to Prevent Damaging Battery Leaks & Tested Twice Prior to Shipment
Made in the USA with US & Global Parts – Proudly Produced in Fennimore, WI
Rayovac AA Batteries Hold Power Up to 10 Years in Storage


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