4G LTE Livewire 4 Vehicle GPS Tracking Device For Cars, Trucks, Teens, Fleets, With No Batteries Required




The all-new Livewire 4 GPS Tracker operates over the lightning-fast 4G network. This completely covert vehicle tracker gives you all the tracking power you need and can be installed in the vehicle without detection. The device hardwires to the vehicle, allowing it to sit out of sight of drivers and passengers. No one ever needs to know it’s there unless you tell them! Also, because it uses the vehicle’s power source, you never have to worry about recharging batteries or missing important tracking data due to power loss. With 60-second location updates, this powerful hidden car tracker puts you in total control of individual vehicles or fleets. Perfect for tracking fleet vehicles, this best-in-class GPS device features improved accuracy, and it’s designed specifically to make locating and routing vehicles both simple and efficient.Fast 4G LTE Coverage Across North America: Drive across the US, Canada, and Mexico without interruptions in reporting thanks to the expansive 4G LTE network that the Livewire 4 operates on.
No Batteries Required: This vehicle tracking device is hardwired into your vehicle and operates off the power from your car, ensuring the Livewire 4G never runs out of charge.
Know InstantlyAbout Unsafe Driving: The free GPS tracking app keeps you in the know with instant alerts when the driver exceeds the speed limit, when predetermined geofencing borders are breached, and more.
Track One Vehicle or a Whole Fleet: The BrickHouse Security exclusive GPS tracking platform allows you to keep track of multiple devices on several vehicles from one comprehensive site or app.
No Long-Term Contract Needed: Unlike other tracking devices, the Livewire 4 requires no long-term commitment. Activate online with a subscription starting at $24.99/month, able to cancel at any time.


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