12V / 24V Battery Charger, 15A / 8A Voltage Current Adjustable, with Ammeter Monitor, Automatic Trickle Charging for 40-150Ah Car Truck Automotive Golf Cart Boat Lawn Mower Lead-Acid Batteries




This model BLB series power charger is specially designed and manufactured for 12V/24V batteries such as lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries and starting batteries. It has the advantages of small size, safe and convenient, high conversion rate, stable output current, large design capacity, long-term full -load operation and so on. It is also a new generation of green charger. With short circuit protection, reverse connections protection, over heating protection and low voltage protection.
The charge rate “High” and “Low” can be reliably transferred from the constant voltage stage to the floating charge stage.


Model No. BLB-C15
Rated input voltage: AC100V-120V
Output Voltage: 12V/24V
Charging current : 12V-15A(max), 24V-8A(max)
Battery Type: (GEL+AGM)lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries and starting batteries.
Full load convert efficiency:93%
Dimension: 250 * 200 * 110mm (9.85*7.88*4.33inch)
Weight : 3.8kg
Full load convert efficiency:93%
Working temperature : -10℃~40℃
Temperature rang of heat sink : 104-149˚F

How to use ?

1. Check the rated voltage of the battery to be charged ,does it match the charging voltage of the charger ?
2. Turn off all the vehicle’s accessories
3. Keep the hood open
4. Clean the battery terminals
5. Place the charger on a dry, non-flammable surface.
6. 12V Battery choose 12V and 24V Batteries choose 24V
7. Connect the battery positive “+” to Charger terminal Positive(Red) “+”, Battery Negative “-” to charger terminal negative (Black) “-“.
8. Select charge rate “High” for fast charge, “Low” for balanced mode charge.
9. When the arrow reaches almost ZERO value, It means the BATTERY is fully charged and automatically starts to float charging mode.
10. When charging is complete, disconnected the charger from the AC power.
Variable Voltage Charger >>> This is a 12V / 24V charger for 40Ah -150Ah open or fully sealed lead-acid batteries, Temporary charging or long time float charging. The max nominal theoretical current is: 12V-15A(max), 24V-8A(max).
Adjustable Charge Speed >>> Select “LOW” for normal charge, “HIGH” for fast charge. (Note: the current needle will continuously decrease while charging, it will approach zero when fully charged. When charging a fully discharged or deep cycle battery, please select LOW to avoid burn out the fuse)
Full-protection & Smart Cooling Fan >>> Floating current charging provides protection against overheating, under & over voltage charging, short circuiting. Built-in temperature control system, the quiet cooling fan starts work within 104~149°F.
Easy Operated & Fault Self-checking >>> While everything connected correctly, Charging starts when the power button is turned on, when it finished please turn off the switch. If it stops work, please check the switch button, fuse, overload button, output voltage level, current level and condition of the battery. reset the overload button, or replace fuse if it burned down, or contact us, it is so easy to do.
Widely Used & Quality Assurance >>> This battery charger is ideal for AGM SLA ATV ISS, automobile, motorcycle, SUV, boat, RV, yachts, truck, lawn mower, caravan, wheelchair, electric scooter, floor washing machine, scrubber, sweeper etc. Any problem with the product, please contact us by email at the first time.


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